The Grandma Mabel Memorial Recipe Box Show & Tell Contest

Ann & Kay are having a contest!

My recipe box came from my mother’s house. Since counter space was at a premium, it used to sit on top of the fridge. My mother loved to collect things – antiques were high on her list followed by cookbooks and recipes. (I know, the apple didn’t fall far!)

At some point in the late 70’s, she got her hands on this two drawer portion of a library card catalog and moved all of her recipe cards from the more typical recipe box into this.

I am sharing one of my Grandmother’s recipes for Chocolate Chip Coffee Ring – it’s a keeper!


9 thoughts on “The Grandma Mabel Memorial Recipe Box Show & Tell Contest

  1. Yum! That recipe looks great. I LOVE the recipe box. I have family heirloom envy. I have no idea what happened to my mom’s recipes after her passing (almost twenty years ago). My brother has her favorite cookbook that she hauled here from Poland, but I have no clue what happened to all of her hand-written and loving clipped-out recipes. Sigh.

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