it’s like a York Peppermint Patty between your toes!

I was playing with my new camera and caught this pile of nappers.

When I last left you, congestion was the name of my game. I know you know the feeling, stuffy head, eyes feeling a bit bulgy, an odd awareness of your inner ear. ugh!!

So there I am on Friday night in a snot induced fog, getting ready for bed. It’s early too, but the struggle for coherence has become too great and sleep is the only thing to do. The thought pops into my head that some Vicks Vapor Rub might be a very good idea. I love that stuff! I love everything about it – the smell, the glass jar, that great blue color – it’s a real nostalgia thing. As I am dabbing it under my nose, I seem to remember reading something about slathering it on your feet, covering them with socks and going to sleep. I figure why not?

I am here to say it worked! The next morning I felt 94% better – still a bit stuffed, but without all that woozy head stuff going on. I have hunted down a few sites regarding the Vicks on Feet thing ….. they all say it is for coughs, but it worked for me. Plus my feet are nice and soft now!


I know I’ve posted this picture before. But can you ever have enough pug?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have a new FO that you can check out on Ravelry and also things have been busy over at The Shower! (if you need the password for that site, go see Vicki)

the title of this post? International Knitter of Mystery.