It’s Ann Shayne Day ……

Did I mention that Ann Shayne is my hero? that she is a super genius? that I ♥ her?

Imagine my glee as I watched my missing first episode of The Office last night – not to mention the ability to rewind and watch the especially funny parts over and over again. Here is a very technical rundown of how it all works …..

  • through iTunes, I went to the music store.
  • from there I went to tv programs and selected the episode of The Office that I wanted.
  • I gave them credit card info (it is only $2/show) and then was able to download the episode I wanted to watch. (I did have to upgrade iTunes, but that is a free upgrade)
  • then I was able to watch the program on my computer screen.
  • yay for both Anns!

there is only one fly in the ointment. I am now wondering what other snazzy tricks I don’t know about. What else do you guys know that I don’t? c’mon, fork it over.

I am almost past the boring part of Icarus. It is knit from the top down and is basically stockinette stitch until it gets to the bottom lacy part. We are nearing the lacy part! I’d take a picture, but it looks the same, just bigger.

Instead, here’s a picture of Lucy the Pug for you to enjoy!

Lucy says, “Unlike stockinette stitch pictures,
pug pictures are never boring.”
Lucy is so smart.

short & sweet

Photo_100106_001 Photo_100206_001

some pickle festival pictures for you! That is my friend Flair on the left – isn’t she cute?! yay Flaire! We had a great time watching Flair shill for pickles. She’s a natural, I tell you. crazy Flair on the left crazy carrot on the right.

I also bought pumpkins – check out these beauties!

close up of ghostly gourd

I have to make this quick since I want to get the house in order before I head to work – but not before I declare Ann Shayne is a genius! When I lamented being tivo-less and missing the first episode of The Office, Ann suggested I download it through I-tunes. take a moment and let that one sink in.

so simple, elegant and accurate.

Happy Hogmanay


75 terms for being drunk

full / bombed / off your face / wellied / bladdered / in your cups / half-seas over / legless / ratted / happy / sotted / boozed up / mellow / shit-faced / fuddled / smashed / blasted / paralytic / wrecked / tight / juiced / tipsy / pissed as a newt / clobbered / totalled / worse for wear / como’d / blue / sloshed / lit / razzled / drunk as a lord / bleezing / langered / tanked up / guttered / miraculous / stinko / on the sauce / hoovered / mashed / pished / Brahms and Liszt / out of your tree / three sheets to the wind / squiffy / woozy / trollied / under the influence / locked / blitzed / steaming / trousered / plastered / blotto / nappy / fleein’ / trashed / pickled / rat-arsed / blootered / ripe / seshed / zombied / shot / high / merry / lush / wasted / soaked / out of your box / soused / pie-eyed / hammered / sozzled

this comes to you courtesty of Vitamin Q